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I never would have thought of this! Reminds me a bit of clean meets rustic scandinavian.


Another pressed wood unit headed for landfill? We say no way. This one has lots of life left – reloved into fresh and functional storage.

DSCF2564• 1 drawer storage
• 2 adjustable shelves
• reclaimed wood, pressed wood shell, hardwood legs
• 24″ wide x 39.5″ high x 9.5″ deep

detail detail

side side

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DIY: New Life for an Ottoman Cushion.



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DIY from Design*Sponge

DIY Aluminum Drum Pendant | Design*Sponge.

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Clone Designs…my new fave :)   1 comment


Product Design.

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The Chair (Re)imagined   1 comment

Ah!  The humble chair.  It is not simply a place to rest your weary bumm, but a spot to express a bit of yourself as well.  Today’s post features three fabulously crafty folk and their interpretations of the (re)imagined chair.

First up is Heather Helseth of San Antonio, Texas.  She recreates seating in whimsical fabrics at her shop Renewal Home Decor.  “Each piece is created with reclaimed, vintage and salvaged materials, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs with history and individuality.” (via her site) Some pieces are covered in subdued textiles with just a hint of whimsy … and others allow for a bit lot of “crazy”.  Here are two of my favorites.



Next up, I’d like to introduce Dendro from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.  This shop is “Hell-bent on Hand-crafted” as stated in their profile.  Dendro creates clean, industrial furnishings with steel and reclaimed/salvaged wood.  In fact, wood from one of his pieces was sourced from an old black smith shop circa 1860.  I particularly found it endearing that with each purchase, they will send you a short story sharing the wood’s past life.  Although we are only featuring chairs today, Dendro creates other lovelies with reclaimed wood as well.  This piece would make a great industrial bar stool!


Our final artist is a (re)imaginer from Washington D.C., U.S.A.  Serena Appiah, mother of three stinkin’ adorable boys, turned her love of bargain shopping and renovation into a super groovy site called ThriftDiving.com.  You can learn about her process, purchase pieces, and get inspired.  I dig her so much I signed up for emails!  Take a look at the ugly duckling she nurtured into a sophisticated swan.  So jealous of her talent!
That’s it for today folks.  I hope you hop on over to these sites and enjoy their labors of love.  Thank you for visiting my little corner of the blog world.  Until next time, keep (re)imagining!

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Going green is growing up across the world; more and more people are opting to shipping container structures for green alternatives and to build their homes or even business. There are innumerable numbers of empty, unused shipping containers around the world just sitting on shipping docks taking up space. The reason for this is that it’s too expensive for a country to ship empty containers back to their origin. The result is an extremely high excess of empty shipping containers that are just waiting to convert in to a home, office, apartment, school, dorm, studio and much more; the ideas are endless.

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If you’d like to incorporate shipping containers into your house—or build a structure entirely out of them—these architects and designers are good resources:

Robert Humble and Joel Egan, HyBrid Architecture, Seattle, Washington

Their prefab Cargotecture homes incorporate shipping containers, with prices starting at $29,500. They also consult on…

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Sidetracked by Adorableness

We adopted a new mutt and I’ve been quite sidetracked, so apologies for lack of posting. His name is Brutus and he’s chilling out with his big brother here. Yes, even he has fallen victim to my crafting (it was cold and I crocheted him a little puppy sized scarf). As you can see, they are getting along swimmingly!

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Throw a Bouquet: Guerrilla Seed Bombs & Flower Grenades | Urbanist   Leave a comment


Throw a Bouquet: Guerrilla Seed Bombs & Flower Grenades | Urbanist.

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Ship Wood Becomes Shop Wood at Aesop in Hong Kong   Leave a comment

Super short post today friends.  Just sharing a photo (or two) of the Aesop shop in Hong Kong via Remodelista.  Check out what reclaimed ship wood can become!


Photography via Cheungvogl.


Learn more about this article and take a look at Remodelista’s self-titled book available at Amazon and other cool places books gather!

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Old-School Mid-Century meets New-School Salvage: (Re)claimed Wood and the Hairpin Leg   Leave a comment

Today I wanted to feature a design style that would marry “old-school” with salvage.  I fell head over heels for the simplicity of the industrial hairpin leg combined with the earthy textures of reclaimed wood. Let’s look at some inspiring images to get your creative juices flowing!

A project by Atlas Wood Co. was recently featured on Houzz.  The bench has a “man-tique” meets environmental feel combining knotty wood, heavy metal and (re)imagined coffee bags as upholstery.


Megan Toro of Modern Textures in Tulsa, Oklahoma has some fabulous pieces as well.  I’m just swooning over the multi-colored, chevron pattern in this coffee table.  Configuring all the perfect angles and combinations of wood-tones had to be a labor of love.  Most of her wood remarkably is sourced from scraps…kinda make you want to hoard those left-overs for a rainy day, eh?  If you’d like to see more of her amazing work, journey over here.  She’s pretty talented!


Just one more bit of awesomeness (rich with contrasting tone) from this sassy designer.  Psst! Megan also does custom wall art too!  Shoot her a request here.


In the 1940’s folks had to be creative with their limited resources during wartime and metal was scarce.  That’s where Henry P. Glass comes into the picture.  He invented the hairpin leg out of necessity and it has since evolved into a trademark for mid-century furniture.  Jump forward to the present and we see the merit of salvaged wood trending well in the world of design…plus let’s admit…reclaimed wood has that hidden “past-life” story to tell.  This Old House has a great tutorial for those of you hankering to try your own hand at crafting something gorgeous with hairpin legs.  Here’s a sneak peek.


(Come on … you can’t go wrong with This Old House.)  I also wanted to share a link to Blue Ridge Metal Works out of Hickory/Charlotte, North Carolina.  They are a great resource for hand-fabricated hairpin legs.  Check out their blacksmith magic below:


You can order various sizes depending on your project. Envisioning a coffee table? They’ve got 12″.  Maybe a new desk for your home office?  They’ve got 32″.  The cool thing is, their prices are actually less than most sites that mass produce them.  Check out their shop if you’re in love with mid-century design and need some awesome, hand-fabricated resources for your next project.

One more little tidbit!  You know that scrap/reclaimed wood you’ve been saving?  It’s thirsty.  Really thirsty.  So you’ll want to revive it to its original glory with this hydrating love potion from Urban Wood Goods.


Don’t neglect your salvaged wood after all your hard work!  This all-natural beeswax concoction is just what your parched project needs.  Take a look at the before and after images.


This stuff really brings out the beauty of the wood grain don’t you think?  Feels good too!  Well my friends, thanks for visiting me today and happy (re)imagining!



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