I’ve been sniffing the coffee bean/burlap fumes again…………   2 comments

Coffee scented and functional? *insert drool. I admit a good day in my home starts with the whirring of the coffee grinder and the magnificent wafting of java beans emanating throughout the house. So when I stumbled on this post by Pepperbox Couture, I fell in love.

Pepperbox Couture

You may have seen my previous post on recovering my art chair in burlap.

But, did you know about this? Burlapcrete?

click on the image below to open article in a new window.

Burlap is so versatile and biodegradablethat you can put the scraps straight in the compost bin when you’re done!!!Or dip it in concrete and throw it at the side of your house – who knew!?!?!

This weekends project is making burlap baskets

First I had to make a few design decisions and draft a pattern.

There are literally tonnes of square burlap bags/baskets/boxes out there with their floppy sides and/or 5 or so layers of interfacing to ensure it stands firm as thick cardboard.

I wanted a more natural shape but one that mainly supported itself – Here’s where a little geometry comes in. The strongest geometric shape for my basket has to be a circle…

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2 responses to “I’ve been sniffing the coffee bean/burlap fumes again…………

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  1. Thanks so much for reblogging my post! Have a great day! 🙂

  2. The honor was all mine! Now I’m obsessed with hunting down some coffee bags:) Oh & lovin’ the biodegradability.

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