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Every Wednesday (my day off) I enjoy a little “me” time by visiting thrift stores.  I like the cornucopia of characters that frequent resale shops and I can get lost for a few hours.  Plus, let’s face it, they keep things out of the landfills, give items a second chance, and places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army help provide work skills for at-risk folks.  **waves at Jody, a Goodwill Job-Coach, mean poker player, and friend**

The past few weeks I’ve been pondering what could be done with all those oh-so-soft, well-loved sheets.  I see those crazy-bold patterns and shy-muted prints of days gone by and have been itching to pluck them from their lonely hangers.  You can’t deny the frugal fact that a twin flat sheet gets you a lot of bang for your buck, but how could I sprinkle a little “re-imagining” magic into these time-worn treasures?  Well here are 5 pretty cool ideas!

Vintage Sheet Toddler Dress

#1:  Sweet Summer Dress
This sweet summer dress for toddlers comes from Unexpected Treasure via  Isn’t the big, soft print adorable?  I also love the pink peeking out from the lining.  I would totally rock this easy-breezy dress in an adult size while weeding my garden this summer.  Not kidding.  This shop is run by Anna and she creates some crazy-fun things like crocheted Mohawk hats too.  So the woman is very versatile with her “handmade” super powers. 🙂

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Pillow

 #2:  Patchwork Pillow

You know I love items with a story.  That got me to thinking, imagine a cuddly cottage-inspired pillow made from remnants of  family bed linens, table cloths and/or aprons. It’d be sure to spark memories of weekends baking, gardening, giggling and gossiping over hot tea with family.

If you’re not lucky enough to snag once-loved linens from family, you can always hop over to Jersey Maid’s Etsy shop.  These pillows are infused with a little country-girl love and perfect imperfection.   After leaving California to settle in Nashville with her husband they “created quite a brood…including [5] children & chickens, out in the quiet country of Tennessee!” (via about page).  She also has some gorgeous headbands, delightful patchwork tea towels and reversible napkins perfect for picnics in the sun.

Knotted Flip-Flops with Vintage Sheet Scraps

#3:  Flip-Flop Re-design

Raise your hand all you flip-flop fanatics!  Here’s one just for you.

The cool chicks at The Mother Huddle have re-designed a pair of $1 flip-flops from Old Navy.  The second best thing (next to re-purposing) is that the fabric doesn’t rub on your feet like the rubber/vinyl/plastic straps seem to do.  OUCH!  This pair is a nice nod to the shabby chic style, but why not seek out some vintage super hero sheets for the days you need a little more KICK! POW! BANG!  in your step?  Or maybe use vintage white sheets with little scrap rosettes for a bridal party?  I think these would be super cute with the summer dress shown earlier!  Oh summer…how I miss thee!

Need a little direction on how the heck to do this?  Go to to see her tutorial.  It takes less than 30 minutes, is mega-affordable and they are guaranteed to be a conversation piece.

Vintage Sheet Grocery Tote

#4:  Grocery Tote

Yep.  I’m that annoying grocery shopper that brings her own totes.  I can fit so much more in them & they are more comfortable to carry.  Unfortunately, not all totes I’ve purchased wash up too well and as a very tired & grumpy cashier once shared… “cashiers hate them”  because they don’t stand up on their own or fit onto the metal frame when they load them up at check-out.

So I got to thinking about making my own out of washable material & fitting them with little tabs so they could slide onto the “loading” frames at the grocery store.  Then I spotted these uber charming totes made from vintage linens at Vintage Sheet Blog and thought….Hmmm….what a perfect project for those sheets I saw last week!  They’d be perfectly comfy to haul around heavy canned goods and simple enough to toss in the wash!  Adding the little tabs should be a cinch … and maybe Annette (the cashier) wouldn’t scoff so much when she saw this tree-hugger steppin’ in line. 😉

Vintage Sheet Braided BraceletVintage Sheet Knotted Bracelet

#5:  Scrap Bracelets

The last “Re-Imagined” item comes from Red Rhino Productions on Etsy.  I know…I know…there’s just so many groovy crafters on Etsy I can’t help myself.

These delicate lovelies come hand-wrapped with vintage fabrics.   The Canadian shopowner, J. Elliot, owned her own boutique for several years, but ventured out of that paradigm to nurse her creative side.  Her collections always have a hint of vintage/bohemian and I really dig that.  Kudos to you girl for chasing your creative dreams.

Hope you found some inspiration and happy “re-imagining” to you all!




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  1. All great ideas… one more for you if you fancy having a look …

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