Studio H puts the RE-markable in the REALM Charter School   Leave a comment

If you’ve stopped by my little corner of the blog world before, you know I get a kick out of reuse & design. I also get excited when folks incorporate education into something creative. That being said, I’ve got to introduce you to a cool group of young people & their amazing teachers.  Meet Studio H.

Design. Build. Transform.


Bet you never knew math, science and shop class could be so friggin’ cool!  Using “STEAM”, (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), this hands-on concept connects in-school learning to out-of-school possibilities.  You can hear Emily, one of the co-founders, speak here on TED.  Go ahead….get your “geek” on.

Studio H is a different kind of design firm, one built by a collective of teenagers & 2 stellar teachers/mentors.   Working with Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller, the students use mathsmart design, engineering, and a lot of sweat equity to develop architectural-scale projects that encompass a long-lasting social benefit for their community.  At present, this team has designed and built a public farmer’s market pavilion, roadside farm stands (A.K.A “Super Stands”), community bulletin boards, and currently they are working on…wait for it…wait for it...

a shipping container classroom!


Studio H brainstorms as a team, builds prototypes, creates budgets & marketing plans, coordinates project timelines, and even gets groovy with laser-cutting and welding…all the while planning the project around a market’s need.  This project promotes fantastic skills that can excel young folks in both business and in life.  You can help fund this creative project at kickstarter.


You can learn more about Project H Design here as well.  Just thought it was a pretty dang awesome project…I had to share:)  If you know of other epic design projects that actually educate & inspire, make sure you fill me in!  I’d love to hear about them!




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