Plaid Play: (Re)Imagining a Fall Favorite   Leave a comment


Oh dear friends!  It’s the time for bonfires, wandering road trips, spicy apple cider and that soft-worn, fall flannel.  Today’s post is in honor of this plaid wonder….the flannel shirt.  Here are a few projects for your favorite flannel (you know the one that has seen better days).  This cozy fabric deserves to be (re)imagined!


Take a cue from J&O Fabrics & create this scrappy, little rooster from a bit of flannel.  Stuff it with dried lavender or, better yet, catnip! This little chick could be your feline’s new flannel friend.  Heck … create a whole darn flock from one old shirt if you like!  

plaid bag

Tote a nice bottle of Merlot to the next autumn bonfire in your very own (re)imagined flannel bag.  Never mind it was your ex’s favorite shirt in a past life … it has a much better home (& purpose) now!

Plaid Blanket 2 Plaid blanket

Piece together an old pile of once-loved flannel wonders into this oh-so-cozy blanket.  Toss it over crisp, golden fall leaves for a picnic or curl up underneath with a mug of hot, spiced cider.  It’s the perfect adult security blanket…Linus will be jealous for sure!

Plaid Hand Warmers

I just couldn’t pass up sharing these perfect finger-less gloves created by Pandoras Playhouse on Etsy.  I’m a sucker for the puppy paw lovingly made from flannel scraps, not to mention the (re)use of an old sweater to boot!  Stinkin’ adorable, eh?

I’ll close this post by sharing this Fall & Flannel Soundtrack collected by megantoohey.  Click the link & enjoy a few autumnal melodies while you (re)imagine the (re)markable!

Fall and Flannel


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