3 Handmade Gifts for a Gray Day   6 comments

Hello dear friends!  We had quite a wind storm last night in my hometown.  Old mother nature was sweeping away the dry leaves & knocking about the weakest of tree limbs.  In the morning, she left us with bits of branches strewn across the country roadside and little else beyond the whisper of a calm, gray sky.  So I thought it only befitting to share a little warmth with these gorgeous gray handcrafted creations.


#1  Gray Finger-less Wool Gloves

Cozy up with these double cable gloves crocheted lovingly by Marija @ Aimarro.  She lives in Belgrade, Serbia and was taught to knit & crochet by her dear mum when she was just 9.  All her creations are “Made to Order” so no two are alike. You can peruse more of her woven wonders at Aimarro and warm someone’s heart and hands at the same time this holiday season with a gift by Marija.

#2  Earl Grey Handcrafted Soap

These creamy, decadent soaps are made by The Bath Factory in Hot Springs, Arkansas on historic “Bathhouse Row”.  The shop owner, Michele Pappagallo, simmers her soaps with ingredients like sustainable palm oil, shea butter, kaolin clay, sweet almond oil, spring water, orange peel and tea leaves.  Compile a sweet little basket with a vintage linen, a delicate tea cup, some real earl grey tea, and this yummy earl gray soap for the perfect hostess gift this holiday!  Visit The Bath Factory if you find yourself in Hot Springs…in the meantime shop online in your jammies (while sipping your own cup of Earl Grey!)

#3  Hand Crocheted Gray Earrings

I’m in love with the modern, cylindrical shape and delicately woven texture of these earrings designed by Falling Dew Design @ Folksy.com  This site is a myriad collection of independent designers displaying their British modern craft.  You’ll find delightful little baubles (like these earrings), earthy stoneware, and beach pottery pendants all created by very talented brits!  Go ahead…drift over the pond (virtually) and fancy their fine, handmade designs.




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6 responses to “3 Handmade Gifts for a Gray Day

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  1. Thank you sooo much for including my gloves in your post! You made my day… no, week :))) You have a wonderful blog! All the best and hugs,

    • You are very welcome Marija! I’ve tried & tried, but mine always turn out very…um…uneven shall we say? I am a fan of your craft…have you ever attempted legwarmers?

      • You just need a little routine and they won’t be uneven 🙂 Find what your tension is when you knit. I usually wrap a yarn I’m working with twice around my index finger to create a better tension and that makes the knitting more even. 🙂
        I am making one pair of legwarmers now, but they are crocheted. I have another store on Etsy where I sell only patterns and I’m making them for that store. Although who knows when they will be ready since I am busy making gloves for this shop :))) I have so many ideas and so little hands :))) And I’ll make knitted legwarmers too, I have some ideas… just have to make time :)))

      • I’m nuts for legwarmers so I’ll be watching for them! Thanks for the tip…I’ll try it tonight:)

  2. Thank you sooo much for including my soap in your blog! I was just doing a little “surfing” and I came across this and was so excited! I appreciate the write-up and I will reciprocate by posting a link to your blog on my website! Thanks again!

    • It was my pleasure! I loved that you incorporated tea leaves into your soap. By the way it is an honor to promote art, handmade and the (re)imagined. I love you crafty-folks!

      P.S. Just placed my order at your etsy shop…Yay!

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