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This Wednesday, I’d like to share a few merchandising tips for your boutique or booth.  We know you work hard creating beautiful things for the world & those handmade lovelies deserve to be featured with a bit of creativity!  With respect to that, I’ve collected display ideas that utilize re-purposed objects to act as the supporting cast for your “stars” (i.e. the awesome things you make and sell).

First off, we have a wall display via Tymn Armstrong’s tumbler site.  It is compiled of salvaged wooden crates doused in vibrant colors.  The great thing about this option is that you can place merchandise inside or on top as well as hang pieces within (as shown) or underneath.  This type of merchandising offers good space management and saves valuable floor space.


Next up, I want to share a few ideas featured in Oh Hello Friend’s new retail shop in Fullerton, California. These folks really know how to use commonly found objects to showcase their wares.  Clipboards make simple wall displays for handcrafted prints, but you could also use them to hang necklaces and other fabulous bits of joy.  Vintage bread and muffin pans cradle collections of teensy things and provide organization while conveying a bit of “old school” flair.

If you are more of an outdoor merchandiser (think flea markets & festivals), you don’t necessarily have the luxury of wall space.  But guess what?  Old pallet skids lend themselves quite well to pop-up wall displays! The HomArt Showroom in Georgia state chose worn pallets as the back drop for their shop. I have to share some blog loving with SwirlMarketing for posting this idea (*virtual hugs).  Coupled with hanging grove baskets to hold their merchandise, this display makes good use of limited space.


If you’d like to feature a few baubles in a locked display case, but don’t care for traditional (& EXPENSIVE!) glass cases, look no further.  Cherish Designs‘ blog shared this re-purposer’s dream.  This old, over-sized lantern shown from Kris Lanae’s jewelry vignette is the perfect alternative and you can easily change out the latch for an inexpensive lock.


Create height and visual interest by pulling out that old step ladder and giving it a new life.  Leef Stand featured this (re)-imagined shop display recently and because I have a slight obsession with old ladders, I just had to share it with the crafty world.  While they use it to display quilts here, it is stellar for hanging hand embroidered linens, knitted scarves, and other textiles.  Use each rung as a shelf and/or attach hooks to the side for jewelry, hand sculpted mugs, painted tea cups, or hand-sewn holiday ornaments.


The final three images feature hanging displays.  Sometimes it is smart to create a backdrop for window displays or as added visual appeal within a boutique/booth.  The following all use simple, affordable (or free!), re-purposed objects to add a little vertical wonder to your shop/booth. Think outside of the box and beyond fishing wire when hanging objects.  Go for old neck ties, rusty bike chains, tangled yarn, or zip-lines.  Get CrAzY! Share your ideas by leaving a comment below!!!

Embroidery Hoops and Scrap Fabric via

Salvaged Glass Jars: Photo via Brandy Melville USA

Chair Legs, Spindles, and Wood Finials Via Anthropologie in Toronto (Yorkville)

Big thanks for visiting bibbie&blue today & happy merchandising you crafty devils!




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