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Lemon and Vanilla: Organic Handmade Lip Balm by Britanie   Leave a comment

How can you go wrong with lemon and vanilla?  Britanie shares her recipe for this scrumptious handmade lip balm at Beauty by Britanie  …& who wouldn’t love this healthy, organic lip-lovin’ treat?




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Planet Sam: December 2013   Leave a comment


A lovely little blog with a unique spin on color and pattern. You’ll adore her sketches and the way she sees the world!

Tray Bien

Planet Sam: December 2013.

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Katwise and Her Crazy Calico House   Leave a comment

This whimsical home was (re)imagined in Woodstock, NY by the artist known as Katwise.  She also refashions sweaters into outrageously, daring clothing.  

Arm Warmers by Katwise

You can check out her work at her shop.  Follow the link to sneak a peek at the inside & story of this artist’s home.

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Liberty fabric baubles | Wolves in London   Leave a comment


Wolves in London: Fabric Scrap Ornaments

Liberty fabric baubles | Wolves in London.

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Featured Local Artist – Sassyfrass   Leave a comment

I’m here today to share some local artist lovin’!  Jess Kisinger is a local artist, founder of Sassyfrass & self proclaimed vintage rummager near my hometown.  It’s impossible to look at her stuff without seeing a bit of history!  You can find her (re)imagined baubles of joy at Rust and Found in Canal Fulton, Ohio and at the upcoming Holiday Flea November 23rd & 24th in Cleveland, Ohio.  Have I mentioned lately you should probably give handmade creations this holiday season? *wink  Here are a few of Jess’s delightful designs!

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3 Handmade Gifts for a Gray Day   6 comments

Hello dear friends!  We had quite a wind storm last night in my hometown.  Old mother nature was sweeping away the dry leaves & knocking about the weakest of tree limbs.  In the morning, she left us with bits of branches strewn across the country roadside and little else beyond the whisper of a calm, gray sky.  So I thought it only befitting to share a little warmth with these gorgeous gray handcrafted creations.


#1  Gray Finger-less Wool Gloves

Cozy up with these double cable gloves crocheted lovingly by Marija @ Aimarro.  She lives in Belgrade, Serbia and was taught to knit & crochet by her dear mum when she was just 9.  All her creations are “Made to Order” so no two are alike. You can peruse more of her woven wonders at Aimarro and warm someone’s heart and hands at the same time this holiday season with a gift by Marija.

#2  Earl Grey Handcrafted Soap

These creamy, decadent soaps are made by The Bath Factory in Hot Springs, Arkansas on historic “Bathhouse Row”.  The shop owner, Michele Pappagallo, simmers her soaps with ingredients like sustainable palm oil, shea butter, kaolin clay, sweet almond oil, spring water, orange peel and tea leaves.  Compile a sweet little basket with a vintage linen, a delicate tea cup, some real earl grey tea, and this yummy earl gray soap for the perfect hostess gift this holiday!  Visit The Bath Factory if you find yourself in Hot Springs…in the meantime shop online in your jammies (while sipping your own cup of Earl Grey!)

#3  Hand Crocheted Gray Earrings

I’m in love with the modern, cylindrical shape and delicately woven texture of these earrings designed by Falling Dew Design @  This site is a myriad collection of independent designers displaying their British modern craft.  You’ll find delightful little baubles (like these earrings), earthy stoneware, and beach pottery pendants all created by very talented brits!  Go ahead…drift over the pond (virtually) and fancy their fine, handmade designs.



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What We Do | Aid to Artisans   Leave a comment

I stumbled upon Aid to Artisans, a non-profit organization, during my senior year in college.  I had to develop a viable business plan within the country of Morocco. Through this research and my love of handmade items, I discovered this great group of people.  They help create economic opportunities for artisans practicing old-world craft worldwide while providing business training and market access.  It’s a beautiful opportunity for market-savvy designers and business folk to join forces with artisans around the world, and as a result, improve their standard of living.  

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Handmade Meets Science   Leave a comment

Handmade Meets Science: Visit

The Crochet Coral Reef Project [25 pics] «TwistedSifter

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Canine Crush: Pup Products with Pizzazz   Leave a comment

This post is dedicated to “man’s best friend”.  The one that leaves amazing nose-print art on the living room window…the one that greets you at the door like you’ve been gone for years…the one that lays their head in your lap when you’ve had a “crap-tastic” day.  Although this home video has had over 3 million views…I think Daisy and Simon deserve 3 million more 😛

Take a peek at some of my favorite handmade products and learn something new about these terrific tail-waggers!  The dog bed below is from Crafting a Green World.  It is made from a coollection of once-loved sweaters (I tip my hat to the “re-imagining”).  I love the fun colors and textures!  I’m making one to put in Vortex’s favorite spot so he can languish comfortably in the sun while he creates more “nose-art” on the window for me.


“Fido” Fact #1: notes that the oldest documented dog was 29 when they passed away in 1939.  As for companionship between humans and dogs, the site explains, “The loyalty and devotion that dogs demonstrate as part of their natural instincts as pack animals closely mimics the human idea of love and friendship […]”.

Next up, we have something for the hound loving human (see below).  The really amazing thing about this pendant by Etsy artist PrettyInInkJewelry, is that it was created from a photo of a dog in need of adoption.  This piece is only $17.95 and $5 will go directly to Villalobos, the largest pit bull rescue in the world..  What a wonderful cause!


“Fido” Fact #2:

According to Amina Khan of Los Angeles Times, a new study published in the journal Pediatrics finds that children who lived with dogs or cats during their first year of life got sick less frequently than kids from pet-free zones.   In fact, children were 44% less likely to develop ear infections and 29% less likely to have used antibiotics during their first year.  Apparently having a dog in the home helps initiate an early form of cross-training for the body’s defense systems in the first year of life.  Hmmm, who knew?

Last but not least (and yes it was horribly difficult to narrow it down to 3!), we have I.D. tags from another Etsy crafter, CritterBling.  Identification tags with a sense of humor…I love it!  Each metal piece is carefully stamped by hand and tumbled to get rid of sharp edges.  This one is very affordable at $11.00.  Visit CritterBling to view other clever pieces for your pup.


“Fido” Fact #3:

Did you know Max has been the #1 name for male dogs for 7 years and running, but Zeus and Thor are fast on Max’s heels!  Check out more information on dog names in this article on Huffington Post.   Where are the “Prancine McFancy-Pants, “Billingsly Brew-Ha-Ha” and “Ask-er”?  Does your dog have an unusual name?  Let me know!

Want more canine crush awesomeness?  Jump on over to Etsy and take a gander at my treasury list.  If  you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, shelters need you.  Simply walking shelter dogs helps reduce cage anxiety and improve their adoptability!  My son & I volunteer at the Stark County Humane Society, but you can find shelters and other wonderful rescue non-profits in your area here too.  I’d love to hear about your handmade and re-imagined pup products too, so leave a photo or comment darn it! 😛



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Featured “Re-Imagine” Artist: House of Ismay   1 comment

House of Ismay shop owner Sarah of London, England joined the world of Etsy in 2008. I admire her “re-imagining” of damaged classic novels. From “Moby Dick” to “Lord of the Flies”, you’ll find gorgeous up-cycled little baubles for any book lover!

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