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Old-School Mid-Century meets New-School Salvage: (Re)claimed Wood and the Hairpin Leg   Leave a comment

Today I wanted to feature a design style that would marry “old-school” with salvage.  I fell head over heels for the simplicity of the industrial hairpin leg combined with the earthy textures of reclaimed wood. Let’s look at some inspiring images to get your creative juices flowing!

A project by Atlas Wood Co. was recently featured on Houzz.  The bench has a “man-tique” meets environmental feel combining knotty wood, heavy metal and (re)imagined coffee bags as upholstery.


Megan Toro of Modern Textures in Tulsa, Oklahoma has some fabulous pieces as well.  I’m just swooning over the multi-colored, chevron pattern in this coffee table.  Configuring all the perfect angles and combinations of wood-tones had to be a labor of love.  Most of her wood remarkably is sourced from scraps…kinda make you want to hoard those left-overs for a rainy day, eh?  If you’d like to see more of her amazing work, journey over here.  She’s pretty talented!


Just one more bit of awesomeness (rich with contrasting tone) from this sassy designer.  Psst! Megan also does custom wall art too!  Shoot her a request here.


In the 1940’s folks had to be creative with their limited resources during wartime and metal was scarce.  That’s where Henry P. Glass comes into the picture.  He invented the hairpin leg out of necessity and it has since evolved into a trademark for mid-century furniture.  Jump forward to the present and we see the merit of salvaged wood trending well in the world of design…plus let’s admit…reclaimed wood has that hidden “past-life” story to tell.  This Old House has a great tutorial for those of you hankering to try your own hand at crafting something gorgeous with hairpin legs.  Here’s a sneak peek.


(Come on … you can’t go wrong with This Old House.)  I also wanted to share a link to Blue Ridge Metal Works out of Hickory/Charlotte, North Carolina.  They are a great resource for hand-fabricated hairpin legs.  Check out their blacksmith magic below:


You can order various sizes depending on your project. Envisioning a coffee table? They’ve got 12″.  Maybe a new desk for your home office?  They’ve got 32″.  The cool thing is, their prices are actually less than most sites that mass produce them.  Check out their shop if you’re in love with mid-century design and need some awesome, hand-fabricated resources for your next project.

One more little tidbit!  You know that scrap/reclaimed wood you’ve been saving?  It’s thirsty.  Really thirsty.  So you’ll want to revive it to its original glory with this hydrating love potion from Urban Wood Goods.


Don’t neglect your salvaged wood after all your hard work!  This all-natural beeswax concoction is just what your parched project needs.  Take a look at the before and after images.


This stuff really brings out the beauty of the wood grain don’t you think?  Feels good too!  Well my friends, thanks for visiting me today and happy (re)imagining!




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Lemon and Vanilla: Organic Handmade Lip Balm by Britanie   Leave a comment

How can you go wrong with lemon and vanilla?  Britanie shares her recipe for this scrumptious handmade lip balm at Beauty by Britanie  …& who wouldn’t love this healthy, organic lip-lovin’ treat?



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Swanky Packaging for Your Product   2 comments

Somewhere hidden within the 4 P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) hides another very important “P”….Presentation.  Now their are many elements that come into play whether it is the arrangement of goods, display props, traffic flow, lighting, music, color scheme, and such, but in this little post I wanted to share ideas for packaging.  I am a sucker for good packaging. (*hanging my head in shame)  In fact, I’ll pay more for an item purely out of admiration for the packaging. I reason that much pride, thought, and love was put into the product nestled within and it presents a sense of added value to my purchase.  Packaging should be the supporting cast to the amazing things you create, so let me share a few ideas with you!

  • Butterfly Rice Tossers

Carefully folded papers with sweet embellishments make charming packaging.  Think of the fine art of origami and the precision of the folds. There are gazillions of templates online for all sizes and shapes of product.  Source materials such as free brown paper bags from your grocer, scrap fabric or bits of gift wrap. Posh Paperie designed the little lovelies below and you can find the tutorial here at Style Me Pretty.


  • Paint Chip Jewelry Packaging

Shauna and Stephen of Philadelphia, PA are a stinkin’ cute couple that met…get this…at a kissing booth in college.  Check out more at Somethings Hiding In Here.


  • Earth-friendly Packaging (with Gorgeous Type)

The creative packaging with hand-set vintage type was designed by Shauna and Stephen (again) for their line Forage Bow Ties.  They revive dead-stock fabric into charming accessories, their packaging is made with recycled materials and they design their own printing via old-school techniques. I told you they we’re stinkin’ cute…and very talented!


  • (Re)imagine the Humble Egg Carton

Soy candles and sprouts in ceramic eggs by Revisions Design Studio are nested softly in recycled egg cartons.  Michele Dugree of Marquette, MI recreates common objects into ceramic wonders and I love the purity and weight of her wares.  Although her business has grown tremendously, all products are still made lovingly by her own two hands. Check out her Etsy interview here.

REVISION DESIGN STUDIOAre you thinking outside of the box? (*pun intended) 😉  Send me photos of your packaging ideas at  I’d love to feature them here and pass on your ideas!



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January Craft Picks   Leave a comment

Today’s feature of handmade goodies is inspired by the winter colors in my home state of Ohio; the grays and earthy browns of naked trees, the hopeful blue skies, and the clean, crisp white snow. We are looking at a high of -1 some days next week, but I’ve got my ski gear out & I’m focusing on the silver lining here. 🙂 I hope you enjoy these little lovelies in the meantime!

Reclaimed wooden lake sign By Mike and LZ Cathcart of The Summery Umbrella in North Carolina. (*irony intended)


Reclaimed wooden headboards in winter hues by Mark of Habitat Une in North Carolina.  Need to hibernate a bit?  Do it in (re)imagined style my friends.


Spoil yourself with these winter inspired handmade accessories by Lorelei DiMichele of Wear It Out Jewelz in Texas.


Winter hues are abound in the wool felted infinity scarf and hemp flax linen pillow below.  Handcrafted by Ania Orczykowska and Zofia Borkowska of ZOJKA Shop in Poland.


Celebrate the winter with this broken porcelain pendant by Andrea Cole of Eagle Rowe in North Carolina.


The gorgeous pieces below were created by Helen Billingsley of Stafford, England. They are glazed in beautiful rich indigo blue, soft turquoise and sand and available at her shop, HB Ceramics.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the featured items inspired by the chilly colors of January.  Honor these talented hand-crafters by visiting their virtual shops while you snuggle up indoors.  Wishing you a blessed, safe, and wonderful winter!



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Katwise and Her Crazy Calico House   Leave a comment

This whimsical home was (re)imagined in Woodstock, NY by the artist known as Katwise.  She also refashions sweaters into outrageously, daring clothing.  

Arm Warmers by Katwise

You can check out her work at her shop.  Follow the link to sneak a peek at the inside & story of this artist’s home.

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Liberty fabric baubles | Wolves in London   Leave a comment


Wolves in London: Fabric Scrap Ornaments

Liberty fabric baubles | Wolves in London.

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Buying Handmade   Leave a comment

Buying Handmade

This holiday season, think about giving a gift with a little more soul!

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Handmade From the Heart of It All   Leave a comment

I was drifting through Etsy today and decided to see what homespun wonders were available from the creative folk in my home state of Ohio.  Here are 3 homegrown goodies from my neck of the woods.

Gardenmis Sachet

Priscilla of Cincinatti, Ohio hand creates fragrant delights from herbs such as lavender and balsam for the home.  I’m swooning over her scented holiday ornaments too at Gardenmis!

Diane Ackers acrylic works on wood canvas are completely charming and ever so sweet!  I’m a sucker for canines and this li’l french bulldog entitled “Lily Bug”  would be perfect in my home office.  (Did you hear that Santa?)

Namaste Mug

Antonia of”Second Chance Ceramics” in Bellevue, Ohio breathes the (re)markable into retired restaurant mugs with handmade art.  Sip your morning tea and reveal the serene sloth perched just inside.  How adorable!

You know …holiday shopping has begun!  Instead of rushing to buy those mass produced commonalities, look to the plethora of handmade gifts available from your local artists, craftfolk, and (re)markables on Etsy!



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What We Do | Aid to Artisans   Leave a comment

I stumbled upon Aid to Artisans, a non-profit organization, during my senior year in college.  I had to develop a viable business plan within the country of Morocco. Through this research and my love of handmade items, I discovered this great group of people.  They help create economic opportunities for artisans practicing old-world craft worldwide while providing business training and market access.  It’s a beautiful opportunity for market-savvy designers and business folk to join forces with artisans around the world, and as a result, improve their standard of living.  

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Handmade Meets Science   Leave a comment

Handmade Meets Science: Visit

The Crochet Coral Reef Project [25 pics] «TwistedSifter

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