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3 Architectural Conversions: (Re)imagining Structural Design   Leave a comment

The images below are from Bham Interior Design.  Their firm focuses on quality & uniqueness…I think they’ve hit the “uniqueness” target spot on with this one!  Kudos to these creative folks for re-purposing this structure into a swanky living quarters.

Water Tower

Not too far north from my hometown towers another fantastic architectural conversion in Akron, Ohio.  The Quaker Square (below) boasts a former life as 36 grain silos owned by the Quaker Oats Company in the 1930’s.  It was purchased by private investors in 1970 and transformed into restaurants, a hotel, and shopping complex.  Pretty neat industrial restoration eh?


Last but not least, a barn conversion (images below) in Surrey, England.  Yep, this gorgeous abode once housed piles of hay and gave shelter to an array of farm animals.  It has been converted to a rather grand home by  Stedman Blower Architects and was featured on


barn-conversion-living room


So sleek and clean yet charming with bits of raw brick showing through.   Oh the fun I’d have sliding down the banister of those stairs…  *sigh.  What can I say?  I’ll be 40 in April, but I’m still a kid at heart. 😉

Well folks, I hope this post serves as inspiration to look at things in a different light and to (re)imagine!  If you have an amazing architectural conversion you’d like to share, leave a comment!




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Salvaged Resources: The StockPile   Leave a comment

When I purchased my home in 2010, it had been empty for two years and was a bit neglected shall we say?  I saw so much potential in this run-down, brick ranch and had grown tired of life as a renter.  As a single parent, my pockets were certainly not deep by any stretch of the imagination, but I dreamed of feathering my new nest quickly.  Re-using materials and seeking out salvaged material was a necessity rather than a personal “green” statement.  At the time, I did not know about the fabulous resources available nearby.  So, like many, I started out sanding and refinishing cupboards in the kitchen, visiting “big chain” home supplies stores when I scraped up a few dollars, and graciously accepting leftover drywall and flooring from friends in the midst of their own remodeling.  Here are a few shots of one project in my home, where I used salvaged drywall, leftover white paint and once-loved flooring (in front of the fireplace).

Living Room Before

You can see the shadow of previously displayed art above the fireplace mantel.

Living Room Mid

Smoke damaged walls and fine seating…gotta love it!

Living Room After

Hand-me-down furniture, paint, and salvaged drywall never felt so good!


Although I will be eternally grateful for the cast-offs of friends and neighbors, I needed a more consistent resource.  That’s when a friend at work referred me to a few other valuable suppliers in the area.  I’ve mentioned The ReStore in a previous post, but another little peach is The StockPile.

In Canton, Ohio (not too far from the Football Hall of Fame) lies another hidden jewel for salvaged building materials.  The StockPile is a non-profit business, open to the public, and offers fantastic supplies for your next project at 1/3 the retail price.  Low cost and salvaged….right up my alley!  Their inventory includes awesome finds like:

  • Bathroom Fixtures & Plumbing
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Doors & Windows
  • Fabric
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Hardware
  • Lumber
  • Tile

Nope!  I do not receive any compensation for passing on this really cool resource.  Just sharin’ the love!  Leave a comment and share other resources for remodeling with salvaged materials:)

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