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The Chair (Re)imagined   1 comment

Ah!  The humble chair.  It is not simply a place to rest your weary bumm, but a spot to express a bit of yourself as well.  Today’s post features three fabulously crafty folk and their interpretations of the (re)imagined chair.

First up is Heather Helseth of San Antonio, Texas.  She recreates seating in whimsical fabrics at her shop Renewal Home Decor.  “Each piece is created with reclaimed, vintage and salvaged materials, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs with history and individuality.” (via her site) Some pieces are covered in subdued textiles with just a hint of whimsy … and others allow for a bit lot of “crazy”.  Here are two of my favorites.



Next up, I’d like to introduce Dendro from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.  This shop is “Hell-bent on Hand-crafted” as stated in their profile.  Dendro creates clean, industrial furnishings with steel and reclaimed/salvaged wood.  In fact, wood from one of his pieces was sourced from an old black smith shop circa 1860.  I particularly found it endearing that with each purchase, they will send you a short story sharing the wood’s past life.  Although we are only featuring chairs today, Dendro creates other lovelies with reclaimed wood as well.  This piece would make a great industrial bar stool!


Our final artist is a (re)imaginer from Washington D.C., U.S.A.  Serena Appiah, mother of three stinkin’ adorable boys, turned her love of bargain shopping and renovation into a super groovy site called  You can learn about her process, purchase pieces, and get inspired.  I dig her so much I signed up for emails!  Take a look at the ugly duckling she nurtured into a sophisticated swan.  So jealous of her talent!
That’s it for today folks.  I hope you hop on over to these sites and enjoy their labors of love.  Thank you for visiting my little corner of the blog world.  Until next time, keep (re)imagining!

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Ship Wood Becomes Shop Wood at Aesop in Hong Kong   Leave a comment

Super short post today friends.  Just sharing a photo (or two) of the Aesop shop in Hong Kong via Remodelista.  Check out what reclaimed ship wood can become!


Photography via Cheungvogl.


Learn more about this article and take a look at Remodelista’s self-titled book available at Amazon and other cool places books gather!

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Thriftin’ Theme Song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis   Leave a comment

For all my fellow thrift-addicts, boy do I have a theme song for you!  (Don’t worry, this is the “clean” version.)  Once you’ve got this li’l ditty stuck in your head go to Young House Love to find out about their $20 Thrift Store Challenge.  I am pumped!



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Swanky Packaging for Your Product   2 comments

Somewhere hidden within the 4 P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) hides another very important “P”….Presentation.  Now their are many elements that come into play whether it is the arrangement of goods, display props, traffic flow, lighting, music, color scheme, and such, but in this little post I wanted to share ideas for packaging.  I am a sucker for good packaging. (*hanging my head in shame)  In fact, I’ll pay more for an item purely out of admiration for the packaging. I reason that much pride, thought, and love was put into the product nestled within and it presents a sense of added value to my purchase.  Packaging should be the supporting cast to the amazing things you create, so let me share a few ideas with you!

  • Butterfly Rice Tossers

Carefully folded papers with sweet embellishments make charming packaging.  Think of the fine art of origami and the precision of the folds. There are gazillions of templates online for all sizes and shapes of product.  Source materials such as free brown paper bags from your grocer, scrap fabric or bits of gift wrap. Posh Paperie designed the little lovelies below and you can find the tutorial here at Style Me Pretty.


  • Paint Chip Jewelry Packaging

Shauna and Stephen of Philadelphia, PA are a stinkin’ cute couple that met…get this…at a kissing booth in college.  Check out more at Somethings Hiding In Here.


  • Earth-friendly Packaging (with Gorgeous Type)

The creative packaging with hand-set vintage type was designed by Shauna and Stephen (again) for their line Forage Bow Ties.  They revive dead-stock fabric into charming accessories, their packaging is made with recycled materials and they design their own printing via old-school techniques. I told you they we’re stinkin’ cute…and very talented!


  • (Re)imagine the Humble Egg Carton

Soy candles and sprouts in ceramic eggs by Revisions Design Studio are nested softly in recycled egg cartons.  Michele Dugree of Marquette, MI recreates common objects into ceramic wonders and I love the purity and weight of her wares.  Although her business has grown tremendously, all products are still made lovingly by her own two hands. Check out her Etsy interview here.

REVISION DESIGN STUDIOAre you thinking outside of the box? (*pun intended) 😉  Send me photos of your packaging ideas at  I’d love to feature them here and pass on your ideas!



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Maries Manor: Industrial style decorating ideas   2 comments

Looking for industrial inspiration when it comes to (Re)Imagining?  Look no further!

Had to share this quickie before running off to work!



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Featured Site:   Leave a comment

Featured Site:

“This skateboard staircase was custom made for Roarockit Skateboard School in my favorite city in North America, Toronto.” via

Unfortunately this site has not been updated (as far as I can tell) since 2011, BUT! Holey-Moley there’s some good stuff. Especially love the whiskey barrel wood flooring. Check ’em out if for some design inspiration!

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Good use of some old cameras…. | Glyn Ridgers Photography   Leave a comment

I’m always on the look out for something crazy…unique…imaginative.  Here’s today’s find.  A chandelier with (re)imagination!

More awesome stuff at Glyn Ridgers Photography.

Good use of some old cameras…. | Glyn Ridgers Photography.

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January Craft Picks   Leave a comment

Today’s feature of handmade goodies is inspired by the winter colors in my home state of Ohio; the grays and earthy browns of naked trees, the hopeful blue skies, and the clean, crisp white snow. We are looking at a high of -1 some days next week, but I’ve got my ski gear out & I’m focusing on the silver lining here. 🙂 I hope you enjoy these little lovelies in the meantime!

Reclaimed wooden lake sign By Mike and LZ Cathcart of The Summery Umbrella in North Carolina. (*irony intended)


Reclaimed wooden headboards in winter hues by Mark of Habitat Une in North Carolina.  Need to hibernate a bit?  Do it in (re)imagined style my friends.


Spoil yourself with these winter inspired handmade accessories by Lorelei DiMichele of Wear It Out Jewelz in Texas.


Winter hues are abound in the wool felted infinity scarf and hemp flax linen pillow below.  Handcrafted by Ania Orczykowska and Zofia Borkowska of ZOJKA Shop in Poland.


Celebrate the winter with this broken porcelain pendant by Andrea Cole of Eagle Rowe in North Carolina.


The gorgeous pieces below were created by Helen Billingsley of Stafford, England. They are glazed in beautiful rich indigo blue, soft turquoise and sand and available at her shop, HB Ceramics.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the featured items inspired by the chilly colors of January.  Honor these talented hand-crafters by visiting their virtual shops while you snuggle up indoors.  Wishing you a blessed, safe, and wonderful winter!



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Fantastic Find in Columbus, Ohio   Leave a comment

Oak Store Display Counter

Terra Cotta Architectural Building Ornament

20 Point Ceramic Cluster Sculpture

Arched Top Leaded Glass Window

Purchase, visit, and/or sell at Columbus Architectural Salvage

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Katwise and Her Crazy Calico House   Leave a comment

This whimsical home was (re)imagined in Woodstock, NY by the artist known as Katwise.  She also refashions sweaters into outrageously, daring clothing.  

Arm Warmers by Katwise

You can check out her work at her shop.  Follow the link to sneak a peek at the inside & story of this artist’s home.

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